EWU goes green to promote Earth Day

Heidi Watchel

By Ryan Arnold, Contributing Writer

Earth Day 2016 is hitting EWU’s campus on April 22 and will be chock full of activities, learning experiences and opportunities for free stuff.
Eastern plans to teach students what it means to be environmentally savvy. EWU’s Earth Day festivities can be seen as an environment created for individuals who are already taking the step toward conscious, environmental living.

EWU will launch an electric vehicle charging station located at the Visitor’s Center parking lot at 1:30 p.m. This will allow students and faculty to take advantage of their electric powered vehicles if they commute and need an extra charge.

Scott Buck, the director of the organization that is involved with EWU’s promotion of sustainability and environmental awareness, has created this day for students and faculty to enjoy all while creating an environment to educate people on mindful environmental living. This is best conveyed through the activities brought on by Buck and his team.

Buck discussed the various tables and events that will occur on Earth Day by starting with a bike tune-up demo. Buck said, “A bike tune-up demo will be available to teach students minor maintenance of their bikes as well as offer them the opportunity to sign up for a guided bike commute with faculty members to break down barriers that may be causing students to be apprehensive about biking to school rather than driving.”
By carefully constructing events and or activities like this, Buck said he is trying to promote positive change for students to help our environment on EWU’s campus and help educate those individuals who want to make a difference.

Throughout the day, students can expect anything from $1 soda refills from EWU’s Dining Services to a viewing of “Finding Nemo” at 7 p.m. in Showalter, room 109.
“At various informational tables in the Mall, students will be given the opportunity to take part in a raffle and given seed-embedded tickets that will be stamped at the educational stations. Once a student receives three stamps and turns the ticket in, they will be eligible to win a $100 Eagle Card, sustainable gift basket, Thinking of You basket or Good Works jewelry,” Buck said.

These are just a few examples of the activities that will commence on Earth Day and Buck suggests that people not miss out on opportunities to learn about eco-friendly living and having an opportunity to win prizes. By participating, one could help make a difference by making the Earth a healthier place and create a greater knowledge on environmentally clean living.

EWU is home to commuter students who may not have the opportunity to participate in on-campus activities.
Chloë Mell, an EWU senior, is planning on spending her day in Spokane cleaning up Highbridge Park.
“Because of my love for this Earth, I like to think that my contributions to our community will create awareness so that my community can help sustain not only cleanliness, but also environmentally conscious living within the Pacific Northwest,” Mell said.