Protests in Missouri unfair to local businesses

By Tanner Streicher, Art Director

St. Louis, Missouri, is becoming the center of discussion and protests about the police overreach in recent weeks due to the shooting of Vonderrit Deondre Myers.

While the protests in St. Louis have been peaceful, the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, were anything but.

The protests in Ferguson over the death of Michael Brown were destructive and damaging to local businesses and police forces in the area as protesters looted and damaged local shops and even assaulted police officers, sometimes throwing bricks at them.

When I look at how violent these protests were, I wonder what they were fighting against. Sure, they say it’s against the police, but why would protesters, who were fighting against police overreach, attack local businesses?

This is because the protestors in Ferguson were not fighting against the police, but what their leaders call ‘white supremacy.’

African-Americans around the United States believe they’re being oppressed and are being treated poorly compared to white people. Leaders like Al Sharpton push this view onto the African-American community, as well as their democratic agendas of more civil rights for the oppressed African-American communities. As Al Sharpton said in his eulogy of Michael Brown, “No other community in the country has to deal with what we [the black community] have to deal with.”

Why is it that the black community has its own set of problems? Wouldn’t the white, or any other, community have the same concerns or problems if one of their own was killed?

In reality, they are treated the same ‒ or even better in most cases ‒ as white Americans. In the past 20 years African-Americans have been treated very well in the United States.

Just because a white officer killed an unarmed African-American, all hell broke loose in Ferguson. Local businesses mainly owned by white Americans do not deserve to be burned out and their property destroyed because the African-American community feels they are being wronged.

What if it was a white unarmed man? Would the reaction be the same in the white community? Would the media coverage on the shooting be as extensive?

No, because there would be no agenda for this this type of tragedy to happen.

These events in Ferguson eventually became so violent that the local police stopped responding to calls for help by local businesses. Owners began to come out armed and ready to protect their property. The media on the left condemned these people because they decided to come out against the protesters, to protect their livelihoods, who the media thought were in the right to protest as they were.

Imagine being one of the shop owners who watched the news and saw these protests happening and hearing reports of police not responding to these violent, looting attacks. Would you just sit around as protesters were heading to the area that your shop was located, with the threat of being damaged? Many would be out there with the rest of the shop owners to protect their livelihood, not sit and watch it be burned down or looted by protesters.

The shooting in Ferguson is a tragedy and no unarmed man should be killed, white or black. The way that this tragedy has been used to push an agenda for the leaders in the African-American community is wrong.

Look at all aspects of the tragedy and figure out a way to change the community for the better and not play the blame game as if we are children.