Letter to the editor: Charging for two parking passes unfair to students

Paying for two parking passes presents an issue for Eastern Washington University students commuting between Riverpoint and Cheney.

We are tired of paying for two parking passes when we are enrolled in both campuses. The students who end up paying for both parking passes have a greater financial burden than those just attending the Cheney campus. Because many students commute between both campuses due to the lack of courses offered in Cheney, there should be a way to lighten the financial burden of paying for two parking passes.

Researching the issue we have come in contact with ASEWU officials. The issue is Washington State University owns the parking lot, and while Eastern students have incentives to go to both campuses, WSU students do not. We believe it would be beneficial to the Eastern students and to EWU as a whole to invest in a parking lot owned by EWU at the Riverpoint campus. This will allow EWU to regulate parking and potentially create a joint parking pass.

This will create a more balanced approach to the parking services and be more beneficial to EWU students.


Kathlyn Barbero

Zach Chapman

Connor Gregg

Jennie Griffin