More graduate assistants needed to teach classes

There are more than 10,000 students at Eastern Washington University, a relatively small number compared to many universities.
Still, having adequate staff to meet teaching needs of each student is a challenge. Eastern Washington University currently employs enough professors to maintain a 21 to 1 student-faculty ratio. In certain departments, like the math, this ratio is more like 30 to 1.
To make up for this, the school brings in graduate students to assist or teach a class. The amount of work a graduate student has outside of class hinder their ability to effectively teach and assist a class of more than 25 students. Enrollment continues to rise and the school cannot help increased class size. Eastern still has an obligation to every student. The quality of education does not have to decrease.
To address this issue, we  propose that classes with more than 30 students have a graduate student associate in the classroom to help the professor.
Along with this, there should be additional associates for every 10 additional students. We also suggest associates have their own offices so they could be an additional resource for students. It may be hard to find quality graduate students that are available when students need them. And there would be some increase in spending, but the positives outweigh the negatives.
Having more graduate students in a classroom means that students will have a better opportunity to learn the material. Students will ask questions rather that settling on an average grade. Graduate students will receive more job recognition. Students will have a higher pass rate, feel at ease and be more prepared for class.


Devon M. Preedy
Kia K. Porter
Michael R. Veentra
Joe Roman
Demie L. Warner