Big developments at last ASEWU meeting of 2012


Hoffer’s resignation approved at last ASEWU meeting of the year, Harrell to take over permanently


ASEWU gathered for their last fall quarter meeting on Nov. 28 and approved the resignation of ASEWU president Kaleb Hoffer.

New president Becca Harrell noted that Hoffer was not present for the meeting.

Harrell reported that she had attended the board of trustees meeting two weeks ago as well as the Washington student association meeting where the priorities for the 2013 legislative session were chosen.

“These are, of course, pending the board’s approval on the Dec. 8 meeting. These four items are what we came up with to put all of our time and resources into,” said Harrell. The items include working with the university to encourage more students to register to vote, expanding financial aid, passing a new capital gains tax to stop cuts to higher education and financial aid for undocumented students.

Harrell, Justin Filla and Markus Hammond reported that they each had attended more meetings about the hiring for the student advocacy position.

“That position will be helping the dean of students out so that she can advocate for you more. We are excited to hear the results of that and who is chosen for that position,” said Harrell.

After Harrell and Filla gave their reports as standing president and standing executive vice president the council voted unanimously to approve the resignation of Hoffer.

“And with that, for the rest of the academic year I will be your ASEWU president and Justin will be your ASEWU executive vice president, so I’m going to go ahead and turn the meetings over to him,” said Harrell.

The council approved $1,876 to buy promotional items for ASEWU to hand out during finals week as part of free “finals survival” kits. Around 900 kits will be handed out on EWU’s main campus and about 100 will be given out at the Riverpoint campus.

“There’s going to highlighters, pens, pencils and SAIL has donated some of their drawstring backpacks and stainless steel water bottles. … It’s just kind of a way for us to say thank you for being our students and letting us represent you,” said Aly Morgan.

Money in the amount of $300 and $325 dollars was also approved to pay for free drip coffee and a free massage clinic for students at Riverpoint campus during finals week.

Harrell concluded the meeting by reading a press release stating that Hoffer resigned as a result of the feedback given by other members of ASEWU. A copy of his resignation letter was also available for those in attendance.

“As you all know Kaleb Hoffer resigned as president of ASEWU on Nov. 28,” said Harrell. “On the morning of Nov. 27 Hoffer presented the positives and negatives of his return and resignation to the entire ASEWU in an open meeting. … The ASEWU work group voted, with a majority not supporting Hoffer’s return to his post.”

As a result of Filla taking over Harrell’s position there is now a job opening for ASEWU student services representative.

“We’re very excited to be opening up a position and adding someone to our team, so please come see us,” said Harrell.

Applications for the position will be accepted through Dec. 5.